About Us

The name -Heritaji- is a mixture between the word Heritage and mine in Arabic.


As a Moroccan With a previous experience as Operation Manager in DUBAI within the Natural Moroccan beauty field, working with cooperatives and visiting far areas to find the rarest ingredients and most valuable Moroccan beauty ingredients was my favourite part of the job, during those visits, I had the chance to meet and elaborate a strong relationship with the Moroccan Berber women. Those AMAZING, Fair honest and extremely skilled women. Who have a unique sense of art and decoration knowledge inherited from their ancestors.

By creating Heritaji, I wanted to share this uniquely mesmerizing art with the world, and helps to improve these women standard of living, their self-confidence, and encourages them to be independent and generate an income. This is hugely rewarding for me to make a difference.

Heritaji is fully committed to the preservation of Moroccan cultural heritage. We work exclusively with local craftspeople who follow traditional techniques passed down through generations.

Our ultimate goal is to keep the Moroccan artisanal tradition alive for generations to come.