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Authentic Pure Leather Ottoman

Large Round Leather Ottoman Pouf. Colors & Sizes Options

Large Round Leather Ottoman Pouf. Colors & Sizes Options

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Sourced from our best preserved historical tanneries in Marrakesh, and well known by its durability, soft feel and rich patina acquired with time. So natural this leather ensures a perfect sealing and prevents penetration of dust, pet hairs and dust mites. For this very reason our leather poufs are the best choice for people fighting allergies and looking for an ideal environment at home.  

Our eco-friendly leather poufs are free of harmful materials and designed with soft corners witch offer caring parents the most effective baby proofing solution and provide your little curious crawlers and walkers more space to be active


100% handcrafted one at a time using top quality natural leather

Please be advised that all our items are handcrafted from Eco-friendly natural leather, no chemicals and no machinery are used in both tanning and dyeing processes. So natural these leathers are not always uniform in appearance, the small mark and the color variation are normal and give to our leather an authentic look. The leather might have a natural smell due to the vegetable tanning and dyeing process, it will disappear in a few days. We will ask you to understand that few inch/cm difference (+/-) may occur.

Care information

Cleaning: Clean with slightly dump cloth

STUFFING: These poufs are sold unstuffed to save for shipping cost. There’s a secret bottom zipper for easy stuffing. To achieve desired firmness, We favor using professional stuffing materials from any upholstery store: cotton batting and poly pellets fill, memory foam filler or natural Buckwheat Hulls. Otherwise it can be a great storage solution, just you need to free up your linen closet and stuff your pouf with the useless pillows, comforter, curtain, blanket, towels or even your unwanted old clothes and soft toys …

Special Customization

We will be happy to help you customize your Ottoman, in case you have special color or size request, don t hesitate to share it with us

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